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    One of the most stressful things you'll do in life is buy or sell a home. It is a big transaction where even the smallest mistake can lead to a major headache. Last minute legal issues can add unwanted drama and often stop the deal. A qualified and experienced title company is essential in helping you complete your transaction successfully.

    • Charlson & Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc., has been in business for over 80 years and handles thousands of transactions each year.
    The title company will have a key role in the transaction - everything from researching the title's marketability to setting up escrow accounts and handling the exchange of money - so you'll want a company that you can trust to do a good job. The best title companies have a solid reputation with real estate agents and attorneys, so you'll want to get several recommendations from them before choosing who you'll have help you with your transaction.

    • Charlson & Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc., has three attorneys on staff plus many long-term employees who know the title business and can work closely and effectively with real estate agents, attorneys and lenders.
    A title company with knowledge of your local area is a must. Real estate laws vary from state to state, county to county and town to town, so you'll want a company with long-term employees who have dealt often with the various locales and with the courthouse and county personnel who work in those locales. You want a title company who has a long-standing relationship with people who can get any issues resolved quickly and correctly.

    • Most of Charlson & Wilson's employees are lifelong residents of Riley County and many have previously worked in county offices.
    A comfortable office and convenient location should be considered when choosing your title company. This is often where you will go to sign documents, so you'll want an office that is easy to get to and where the employees are friendly.

    • The closing office of Charlson & Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc., has recently moved to a convenient new location with ample parking and a pleasant environment for closing your real estate transaction.
    And finally, you should have a clear understanding of the applicable title company fees and charges ahead of time. Be sure to ask what the applicable charges cover and make sure the charges are reasonable considering the services that are being provided.

    • The folks at Charlson & Wilson are happy to review our charges with you to make sure that you are getting the products and services that you need and want.