Charlson & Wilson

History of the Company

    Sam C. Charlson purchased the Spilman Abstract Company in 1927 and the present company has existed since that time. Mr. Charlson was a graduate of the University of Iowa and attended the University of Iowa School of Law. J. Robert Wilson purchased the company in 1947. Mr. Wilson was an attorney and operated the company as Charlson and Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc. until his retirement in 1981. Mr. Wilson obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Roy H. Worthington joined the company in 1974 following his graduation from Washburn University School of Law. Mr. Worthington purchased the company from J. Robert Wilson upon his retirement in 1981. Mr. Worthington has Retired. S. Lee Taylor joined the company in 1982 following her graduation from the University of Kansas School of Law and is The President and a shareholder in the company. Todd A. Sheppard joined the company in 1993 following his graduation from the University of Kansas School of Law and is Senior Vice President and a shareholder in the company. The company, which is independently owned and operated, has the only title plant in Riley County dating back to 1854 and offers a full range of abstracting, title and ownership reports, title insurance and escrow/settlement services. Member of American Land Title Association & Kansas Land Title Association.

    Charlson and Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc. purchased Pottawatomie County Abstract Company in 2015. In the 1870's, abstracting of real estate titles in Pottawatomie County was provided by M. S. Beal and his brother under the Company of Beal Brothers at their office in the then county seat of Louisville. They created a set of books taken from the county records and kept current as continuing filing occurred. Thus, their books, which allowed them to operate an abstract company independent of the county records, were known as the Beal books. Meanwhile, the Skene books were being created and abstracting services were also provided by the Skene Company. After the books had undergone several changes of ownership, and in the early 1900's, E. C. Brookens and E. S. Francis, Attorneys, acquired both the Beal books and the Skene books and established the Pottawatomie County Abstract Company. This Company has since conducted business under that name and is now over 100 years operating as such. In 1920, H. L. Hart, a 1912 graduate of Georgetown Law School, having just returned from military service in World War I, purchased a one-third interest in the abstract company, and, with Mr. Brookens and Mr. Francis, formed the law partnership of Brookens, Francis and Hart. The three continued the dual businesses of the law practice and the abstract company with Mr. Hart's primary function being with the abstracting part of the business. In 1933, Mr. Francis sold his share of the abstract company to Mr. Brookens and Mr. Hart, and in 1937, Mr. Brookens sold his interest in the abstract company to Mr. Hart's son, T. E. (Tom) Hart, and the law partnership was dissolved. In 1958, H. L. Hart retired and sold his interest to T. E. Hart who became the sole owner. Tom Hart, a Past President of the Kansas Land Title Association, along with his wife, Doris, continued to operate the abstract business until 1982, when the Hart's sold the company to Roy H. Worthington of Manhattan. At that time, Steve Kimball became the manager and later a partner in the Pottawatomie County Abstract Company The Pottawatomie County Abstract Company is located in a frame building across the street East from the Pottawatomie County Court House and is located in Westmoreland, Kansas. It is a one-story building which was built in the 1920's. The Pottawatomie County Abstract Company shares the building with a local attorney.